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Latest Reviews
Nadia Arshad & Associates
Jared 1318420838

If you have a pain, you should visit Nadia. I had problems for years and I got more from one treatment than from all the other doctors I've attended. Great!
Health and Harmony
Sam 1318419156

I rarely write reviews, but I had to give it to the Health and Harmony pros for their splendid help with my pain problems. Thank you! Regards
Andrew Gilmour
Garry 1318418691

Andrew was excellent in helping my back pain simply vanish. I will recommend him to anyone!
Folkestone osteopathy & sports injury clinic
Danny 1318418073

Compassionate and caring staff at every single session I've had. My favorite place to go whenever I have a back problem!
Blue Eye Osteopathy and Massage
CJ 1318320712

Glenn is a real expert in his field and I recommend him as the best professional, I have ever met!
Loughton Osteopaths
Mellissa 1317908699

I had a lot of problems with a trapped nerve and my friend recommended me Loughton clinic for that I will be always grateful. I have never seen such good care and friendly attitude. Thank you!
VJ Barnes Clinic
Drake 1317891319

I had really bad tension headaches but thanks to the VJ Barnes Clinic, I feel good again. I am grateful for the friendly attitude and kind explanations!
Borough Green Osteopaths
Victoria 1317887131

I am so glad I found that clinic, I used their acupuncture treatment and I feel great now! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!
Gemma Horne Osteopathy
Gillian 1317823298

I wanted to express my huge gratitude to Gemma Horne Osteopathy for their splendid help with my problem. Such professionalism is rare!
Greenhithe Osteopaths
Marisa 1317815550

Their expertise is equal to none other. My father felt an incredible relief in no time and could get back to a painless way of living again. Recommend strongly!
Lee Complementary Health Centre
Terry 1317815256

The best ever. My pain was gone after a few visits. Real pros! Thanks!
Simon Headley B.ost
David 1317813460

The massage sessions can work magic on nasty aces. I felt reborn after using the services of Simon Headley B.ost! Thank you!
Hue 1317730729

The proper place to go, if you have pain in the neck, or some other is Nene Valley Osteopathy, because this is the only clinic, where I actually felt that procedures really make the pain fade! They were nice and friendly and the same time their treatment had results!
Gemma Horne Osteopathy
Sandra 1317651209

I have found there a relief for my painful back. Gemma is a real professional and she is so caring. Cannot recommend that place highly enough!
Ana Mattos - Osteopath
Michael 1317641753

I have received treatment from Ana Mattos on a couple of occasions and have been very pleased. My problem was diagnosed almost instantly and then effectively and efficiently my back pain was removed! I am happy to highly recommend.
The Natural Therapy Centre
Bradfort 1317291994

After stressful week I love the Indian head massage it is just the best way to refill your energy! Great service!
Wells Chiropractic & Osteopathy Centre
Dan 1317220420

I was very impressed by the polite and professional attitude of the specialists at Wells Chiropractic & Osteopathy Centre. Highly recommend.
Finchley Osteopathy Clinic
Tina 1317218739

The only think I wish was different knowing about these amazing professionals earlier. Can't express how grateful I am for their help!
The Osteopathic Studio
Sam 1317126236

Thanks to specialists from The Osteopathic Studio I managed to go trough the terrible period after the injury of my leg, i recommend them to everyone, because they really know how to help you!
Willow Cottage Osteopaths
William 1317122874

The best experts I have ever been to, I really felt much better and found the relief I was dreaming of, thanks a lot!

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